Davide Groppi x Collegio Alberoni Gallery

Davide Groppi is a renowned Italian lighting brand known for its minimalist and innovative designs. Founded by Davide Groppi in the late 1980s, the company focuses on simplicity and the interplay of light and shadow. Their lighting fixtures use advanced LED technology and carefully selected materials to achieve pure light. The brand offers a diverse range of products, including pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and outdoor solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and artistic craftsmanship, Davide Groppi continues to be a leading name in contemporary lighting worldwide.

The lighting project by Davide Groppi has been introduced to the Alberoni Cardinal Apartment, a new hall in the Collegio Alberoni Gallery, which opened to visitors this year after extensive restoration. The space showcases paintings and antique household items from the Julio Alberoni collection.

The team at Davide Groppi studio designed a unique lighting project, best described as “lightography.” All items in the Collegio Alberoni collection are complemented by lighting, with special attention given to the lighting design for Antonello da Messina’s works “Ecce Homo” and “Madonna and Fountain,” as well as Jan Provost’s work “Vase with Flowers, Standing in a Niche.” 

To create a more intimate atmosphere in the hall, Davide Groppi decided to completely abandon natural light. Thanks to this approach, the perception of the paintings becomes absolute— nothing distracts the viewer, and there is no sense of the presence of external light sources. 

The lighting fixtures used in the project include Dot Sistema, Nulla, and Spot Sistema lighting systems.

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