Acetaia Maria Luigia: Davide Groppi Lights Illuminate Modena’s Vinegar Cellar

The Acetaia Maria Luigia, a captivating gem nestled within the heart of Modena, Italy, stands as a gastronomic wonder. Here, within its hallowed halls, rests an impressive collection of over 1200 bottles of balsamic vinegar, each a testament to the artistry of ancient techniques.

In a realm where human influence frequently guides creation, only a handful of treasures bear witness to time as the ultimate craftsman. The traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena stands as a prime example, as noted by the respected Italian restaurateur and culinary maestro, Massimo Bottura.

Facing the Acetaia Maria Luigia, on the other side of the spectrum, lies the Casa Maria Luigia, a beguiling hotel conceived by the creative minds of Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore. Set amid nature’s embrace, this haven is adorned with modern artistic installations, a symphony orchestrated by the likes of Olafur Eliasson, Ingo Maurer, and Kehinde Wiley. 

A recent chapter in the story saw the meticulous refurbishment of the cellar’s inner sanctum. The visionary touch of Katia Baccilini graced the project, while the collaborative efforts of the Spazio Esperienze Parma and Davide Groppi brought forth a harmonious dance of illumination. The very cosmos of the space now gleams with the radiance of Italian design through the Anima, Cathode, Dot P, Flash, Infinito, and Moon lighting creations.

Transcending mere aesthetics, the rejuvenated Acetaia Maria Luigia cellar extends an invitation to traverse a labyrinth of flavors and fragrances, where the symphony of taste knows no bounds. Through the lens of Davide Groppi’s technologically enchanting luminaires, one can wholeheartedly submerge themselves into this realm of wonder, a world where time stands still, and the essence of balsamic artistry flourishes.

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