Viabizzuno: Opting for the Utmost Excellence

Viabizzuno stands out even among the foremost manufacturers of architectural lighting. It represents a name linked not solely to the appearance and functionality of specific lighting apparatus, but also to the intricacies of their design and fabrication — a true embodiment of innovation and aesthetic appeal.

Consider how few companies come to mind that have produced designs acknowledged by multiple recipients of the Pritzker Prize. The number is limited. This is why it becomes all the more impressive that the relatively compact Italian company, Viabizzuno, can lay claim to a list of collaborators encompassing Pritzker Prize laureates like Peter Zumthor, David Chipperfield, and Sigeru Ban, alongside other notable figures such as Kengo Kuma, Claudio Silvestrin, and the Neri&Hu partnership.

The company is engaged in designing and producing architectural, decorative, and landscape lighting. The visionary and founder of Viabizzuno is Mario Nanni, a light designer and artist who holds a significant position in the realm of light design. He is often recognized in professional circles as the originator of a novel luminous reality concept.

“In 1994, I established Viabizzuno, driven by the realization that there was no company globally that emphasized lighting over design, and truly integrated it as a pivotal architectural component. Today, we’ve emerged as a worldwide leader in our field due to our willingness to tackle the diverse challenges that confront architects and lighting designers in their projects. Our aspiration is to conceive of things that are yet nonexistent and tirelessly strive to bring them into fruition”.

Excerpt from an interview with Mario Nanni for
Founder of Viabizzuno, Mario Nanni / Photo from

Mario Nanni took charge of the lighting concepts for projects involving notable names like Zumthor and Chipperfield, Jean Nouvel, and John Pawson. Within Viabizzuno’s portfolio, you’ll discover the illumination designs for distinguished locations such as the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the Diamond Palace in Ferrara, the National Art Gallery in Bologna. The scope extends to museum spaces and showrooms for renowned brands like Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Bottega Veneta, spread across diverse global locations. Furthermore, the portfolio encompasses radiant installations and captivating performances. As an illustration, consider the “Poesia di Luce: sospeso, leggero ma non troppo” installation showcased at the renowned Palazzo Mondadori in Milan.

Key Points: Defining Viabizzuno’s Exceptional Lighting

Viabizzuno’s lighting quality is highlighted by a Step MacAdam metric of 1, the highest attainable value. This characteristic signifies the extent to which light influences accurate color rendition, making it crucial for illuminating art. This is precisely why Viabizzuno is extensively involved in projects focused on museum exhibitions. Viabizzuno’s Step MacAdam value of 1 is the optimal standard. In contrast, most architectural lighting manufacturers fall within the range of 2 to 3, while decorative lighting typically falls between 3 and 4.

CRI Index — 98. This parameter also indicates the extent of color accuracy in rendering. To put it into perspective, a solid benchmark for reputable lighting manufacturers falls within the range of 85-90 points, and occasionally reaches up to 95.

Significantly reduced light-induced harm to art objects. Concerns such as fading, changes in material texture, and overheating are effectively minimized with Viabizzuno.

Fixture warranty — 5 years. This serves as another objective measure for gauging the quality of Viabizzuno products. Only a limited number of manufacturers are willing to offer such an extended warranty on their goods.

Peter Zumthor and Viabizzuno 

You most likely identify the thermal baths complex in Vals, Switzerland, in the photo below — the acclaimed project by Peter Zumthor that earned the architect the Pritzker Prize.

Zumthor conceived pendant luminaires for Therme Vals, crafted to resemble brass rods holding glass bulb lamps. Viabizzuno brought these luminaires to life, and they were integrated into the company’s collection under the name “Candela di Vals.”

In addition, Zumthor crafted around twelve lighting fixtures for Viabizzuno, spanning both architectural and decorative (in the context of Zumthor’s work) lighting. This accomplishment is noteworthy, considering Zumthor’s revered status and introspective Swiss disposition. In fact, we can’t recall another company for which Zumthor has fashioned an entire collection rather than individual items. Explore a selection of models from this range.

Nomad Private Collection serves as the authorized Viabizzuno dealer in Dubai. We are excited to engage in a discussion regarding your project, and in partnership with Viabizzuno, we aim to present solutions that will ignite your inspiration and facilitate the execution of a remarkable undertaking.

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