Iconic Projects Illuminated by the Legendary Lighting Brand, ARTEMIDE

Artemide is a pioneering Italian lighting brand known for its innovative and sustainable designs. Since 1960, it has led the industry in creating functional yet visually stunning lighting solutions. With a focus on eco-friendly materials and energy efficiency, Artemide’s diverse range of products graces spaces worldwide, showcasing the perfect blend of form and function.


Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year / 2017
Category / Culture 
Author / Jean Nouvel
Photo / Mohamed Somji & Michele Nastasi

“Illuminating the Abu Dhabi Louvre required a projector capable to adjust the light-to-shadow ratio, as well as to integrate into the large roofing and produce a well-defined flow of light on the works on display. The performance requested of Jean Nouvel for the museum was very specific and should satisfy several requirements to both integrate with the project for the large perforated roofing and enhance the museum display. We promptly realized that Cata was the ideal product for this project,” says architect Carlotta de Bevilacqua, “because, as an open platform, it could provide a comprehensive solution to all needs. Its ability to support different optical units allows to obtain the necessary lighting performances.”

Cata TIR employs patented optoelectronic advancements to guarantee premium lighting quality and precise control over emission, focus, operation, and superior color rendition.

Adapting to the ever-shifting natural light streaming through the expansive dome, the Cata projector delivers adaptable, regulated, and targeted illumination for artworks spanning a wide range of dimensions, materials, ages, and styles.

Each unit is calibrated to a particular level of illumination, which remains consistent over time, even as natural lighting conditions fluctuate. This approach ensures utmost consideration for the displayed artworks and maintains the carefully crafted lighting atmosphere within the museum.

Kitzig Design Studios,
The Flat

Düsseldorf, Germany
Year / 2023
Category / Office / Residential
Author / Kitzig Design Studios
Photo / Marvin Schwienheer

The former residence of the British Consul General along the Rhine’s edge now serves as the headquarters for Kitzig Design Studios. Acquired by founder and managing director Olaf Kitzig in 2021, the three-story building, characterized by its brickwork and natural stone elements, has undergone meticulous restoration. Today, preserved heritage features seamlessly blend with modern design and state-of-the-art technology. Spanning over 1,000 square meters, the space encompasses offices, living quarters, and a prominent showroom.


Oderzo, Italy
Year / 2020
Category / Hospitality
Author / Arch. Alessandro Isola
Photo / Nolita Crazy Lab


Aversa, Italy
Year / 2021
Category / Retail

Villa nel parco

Padova, Italy
Year / 2021
Category / Residential 
Author / Arch. Claudia Bettini
Photo / Mattia Carraro


Milan, Italy
Year / 2017
Category / Office 
Author / Artemide
Photo / Stefano Guindani

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