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Bracing – Aluminum
Glass – Murano glass

L 11 x W 6 x H 50 cm

Made to order

In Greek, Aktis literally means ray or ray, while in a figurative sense it is synonymous with brilliance and splendor. When creating Aktis, designer Sam Accosberry was guided by the desire to create a collection of lamps that would mimic a “ray of crystal clear light”, hence its name. The designer conceived a linear element at the heart of the collection, which could easily complement various architectural spaces. The collection consists of 3 pendant lamps and 3 sconces of different lengths. Different sizes allow for different configurations, from a simple pendant lamp or sconce to a cascade of mirrored beams. Attracted by modern forms and Old World art, Accosberry created a simple geometric shape using shimmering Venetian glass. He then added subtle details using gold leaf and bezels that gently remind us of the classic and ornate mirrors of the past.


Established in 1931 at the height of the Art Deco period, The House of Veronese is a Paris based design house that blends together instinctively French design with Murano glass craftsmanship.

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