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15 kg

ø115x100h cm
ø25,6×53,1h inch

Made to order

This round-shaped brass chandelier has been made with a very precious technique on its surface, used primordially in goldsmithing by jewellers and silversmiths.

The peculiarity of this processing is called sieving that is performed by skilled and experienced hands. On the surface of the brass are made many micro incisions close together forming in turn this surface that seems to be an ancient golden silk.

The chandelier is inspired by the shape of the wok and is suitable for contemporary environments as well as for living areas, can adorn dining areas and entrances. In the picture it has 12 lights and has a height of 100cm but on request it can be modified and customized in other shapes.


Introducing innovative processes and experimenting with new combinations, now mixes multiple materials such as brass and steel glass and crystal, wood and marble, stone and leather, the finest fabrics, continue the path of stylistic research that today distinguishes the production of SIGMA L2.